Simon Knaus

Sechzig experimental audiozine / 2013

Sechzig is a quarterly experimental audiozine with the aim to bring people from the spheres of music, sound art and audio research together. Everybody is invited to participate, the only rule: exactly sixty seconds. Experiments, drones, noise, poems, found sounds, short songs, musique concrète, loops or whatever.


00:00 – Elias Raschle – 1 Minute Sculpture

01:00 – Samuel Savenberg – Untitled

02:00 – Riccardo Lardi – Walk With You

03:00 – Julia Znoj – ZRP

04:00 – Kaspar König – Mikrotonales Für Elise

05:00 – Juliette Rosset – Untitled

06:00 – Severin Walz – Jump Exercise

07:00 – Levent Pinarci – Damaged Doom

08:00 – Ronny Hunger – Dogtown, CA

09:00 – Simon Knaus – Scherbentanz

10:00 – Steve Navid – Eigenstate

11:00 – Olga Szymula – Body Functions

12:00 – Claudia Amsler – Tagelang Alf Ion

13:00 – Marco Kamber – Untitled

14:00 – Thomas Ospelt – youtubemix1

15:00 – Karin Lustenberger – Fucking Like A Cash Flow

16:00 – Michael Städler – Untitled


00:00 – Steve Navid – Suvarṇ aprabhā sottamasū tra

01:00 – Simon Knaus – SB

02:00 – Cyril Ziffermayer – Minute 60

03:00 – Klemens Wempe – Enfoncez-vous Ca Dans La Tete

04:00 – Romano Andreani – Blaxploitation Medley

05:00 – Arthur Fornallaz – Pastoro

06:00 – Levent Pinarci + Anne-Sophie Raemy + Julia Znoj – Carry On

07:00 – Oliver Falk – An Itch

08:00 – Levent Pinarci – Holopath

09:00 – Juliette Rosset – Spectral Antrum

10:00 – Anita Isler – Early Perception

11:00 – Michael Städler – Untitled

12:00 – Mikael Oettli – Tony Carpenter


00:00 – Brynjar Thorsson – Untitled

01:00 – Johannes Arolt – Euroatlantique

02:00 – Elias Raschle – Hispeed Kalimba Phase

03:00 – Chris Sigdell – And So (So Slow)

04:00 – Simon Knaus – Morning Dew Glitch

05:00 – Karin Lustenberger – Synthdett2

06:00 – Heike Fiedler – dachtest ach dach test ach es testet tetetetetc

07:00 – Zoe Mccloskey – Sabertoothtiger

08:00 – Roger Fähndrich – Untitled

09:00 – Thorsten Soltau + Marina Stewart – Die Stadt Frisst Ihre Toten Kinder (Lament For B.K.)

10:00 – Samuel Savenberg – Would you really feel any pity if one of those dots stopped moving forever?

11:00 – Steve Navid – The French Revolution was a Hoax

12:00 – Ernestyna Orlowska – Gedicht über die Arbeit

David Baumflek

Disquiet / 2014

The typical digital recording is a compressed version of a larger range of audible sound. This compression is the outcome of an industrial logic of speed and economy, and based on the scientific management of sensory perception. Using songs that thematize loss, disappearance or technological destruction, Disquiet takes the ‘junk’ sounds that have been erased through the digitization of music and reorganizes them into a multi track soundscape.


Disquiet 001


Disquiet 002


Disquiet 003

Kommando Himmelfahrt (Dvorak/Fiedler)

Haus Diehl – fünf Radiosynthesen (House Diehl – five radiosyntheses)

(in german language)

“Haus Diehl – fünf Radiosynthesen” is a project by the artistic group KOMMANDO HIMMELFAHRT and the photographer Johanna Diehl. A last vistit to the mansion of newspaper publisher A.W. Diehl in Kassel, before the final liquidation of the house. The visit becomes a search for traces of a moribund history, an attempt to pluck this world from the jaws of relentless progress.


Umberto Smerilli

Resigned dawn









ESTMAN RADIO DRAMA / 2011 / Radio drama in 4 chapters / English

ESTMAN RADIO DRAMA / 2011 / Radio drama in 4 chapters / English

Invited to take part in Illuminations, the 54th research on the nearby Porto Marghera, the historic headquarters of the Italian petrochemical industry. By involving edition of the Venice Biennale in 2011, Senatore decided to focus her some of the inhabitants, including laborers and retired workers as well as students from Venice’s universities, the artist promoted numerous encounters, debates, and analysis sessions concerning themes related to the area. The themes dealt with by the work are inspired by documents found at the Laborers’ Archive “Augusto Finzi” in Marghera, which gathers documents, including magazines, flyers, factory newspapers, posters, typewritten pages, and copies of trials tied to the events and labor protests which took place in the area’s factories beginning in 1950. The radio drama, the Italian version of which includes a direct contribution of many former laborers and the overlapping of individual memories – also with letters of the Finzi and recollections of Gianni Sbrogiò – portrays the very harsh work conditions and the long course of laborers to improve and claim for themselves appropriate cultural tools. Alongside fragments that describe constant contact with highly toxic materials, is the story of how many workers, embarking upon personal courses of study and cultural growth, end up sympathizing and developing autonomous forms of organization, making the petrochemical plant of Porto Marghera a strong political and social laboratory.

The participation of Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama students in Glasgow made an English version possible, in which all the characters are played by young actors.


Chapter 1


Chapter 3


Chapter 2


Chapter 4

ESTMAN RADIO DRAMA / Radio drama in 4 chapters / Italiano / 2011

Capitolo 1


Capitolo 2


Capitolo 3


Capitolo 4

Eric Boivin

F451 opus 1 / 2013

F451 is a composition based on the classic novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. The piece feature tracks from field recording, contact microphone, different audio sources and sample from the 1966 film adaptation by François Truffaut. This is a very personal interpretation of the book and his themes, done in an eclectic mix of experimental sounds and sonic soundscapes. F451 opus 1 is the first part of the original 25:00 minutes long piece.