Daria Baiocchi

Ombre / 2011

Ombre (Shadows) is a composition for electronic music and piano .The Milan tube and The Divine Comedy written by the italian poet Dante Alighieri(XIV sec.) is the Leitmotiv of the whole composition with the mind-trip thematic . In particular is cited the “Hell-3th chant” with Charon ,the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron. Ombre is a travel in our mind when we are alone with ourselves also if  we’re doing a trip with other persons  and we start to think to something or to anything. All persons around become shadows for us but we never think that we are also a shadow for others. Voices, tube’s noises and mind’s lines works together to build this mystical composition.


Sospeso / 2014

Sospesois a composition for electronic music and cello solo with the possibility of a live performance. All the electronic sounds come from the recording of cello sounds.  The soloist plays on a fixed media that is composed by electronic and a cello quartett pre-recorded. Sospeso means that period when nothing is going ahead, everything stops in your life. You try to go on but nothing happen.


Plasma / 2014

The creative idea for this piece comes from the word “Plasma” that is often called the “Fourth State of Matter”. Plasma is a distinct state of matter containing a significant number of electrically charged particles, a number sufficient to affect its electrical properties and behavior. Plasma also refers to the liquid component of blood that holds the blood cells in suspension. Energy, thunder and blood inspired my composition process. I started by recording some sounds with a new percussion instrument, called “Sinori”, a thunder-sheet, that have been processed with these images in my mind.


Piano Inside / 2014

Piano Inside is a composition for electronic music and piano with the possibility of a live performance. All the electronic sounds come from the recording of keyes, plastic glass used or thrown inside the piano chords and beats on the piano wood: everything comes from the “piano inside”. This is also the first meaning of the title. The second meaning is about the poetic of this piece: with “piano” I mean the musical therm of it and with “inside” I mean the man’s soul. All the man’s stresses comes from a bad way to comunicate. The psychological attacks that we suffer everyday by other persons, media, wars, distruction of nature, are they rights? Do the man’s neurosis come from that? The piano sound in it is the man soul taht is deep, alive and need love and kindness. Is possible to divide it in three different part: the first one is generated by an “electronic-attack” sound and it’s a sort of introduction with a question: should I defend? It continue with different answers. The second part is about what really amn wants: kindness. The third part is the hate that man feel against attacks but he’s confused and he closes with the same question of the beginning.