Flo Kaufmann

Mauerspechte Hören / 2014

Well. The wall has gone a longtime ago. Almost forgotten, when suddenly David Hasselhof was singing again at east side gallery around 2 weeks ago. This made me think about this wall. Where was it? What is left ? Where was east & west? I came too late, so i haven’t seen it. I don’t know anything about it. Also I wanted to know what happened to the airwaves occupied by spys on both sides of the wall. This picnic radio emission is a journey along the topographic lines of the iron curtain. Capturing ground surface, shortwave snippets and some goodies between. Its 167.8 km. I have an average travel speed of around 15 km/h. That means a total of 11.18 hours. If all goes well. This material has to be condensed to half an hour. So i have to drive around 335 km/h. Or compress it by 22 times. Hmmmmm. We will see what happens.