Jeanette Stevenson

All Shades of Blue / 2014

Formerly known as The Sun, pendulant, once contained it has spread to become the sky: now the sun dominates over all. The battle for life is lost to the mindless firestorm, the killing heat. In white hot ceaselessness it rules.
Tribulations, centuries arduous, skein through time. The buildings have long melted and the cliffs and trees have flattened to eternal horizon. Any brief peep of sallow green immediately shrivels under the relentless sky.
An uncertain fleck of blue begins wavering in the great blaze. Sharpening to pinpoint definition, the sapphire blue expands. In rich certainty it spreads quickly. Summer night blue-purple overtakes the monstrous raging sovereign. Steadily. To ultimate defeat.
In poignant thoughtful fade, all shades of blue diffuse to cloud blown spring blue illuminated in new light.