Lina Elisabeth (Karin Stucki)

Three Seasons / 2014

The Song Three Seasons is like a metaphor. It is about the circle of life and nature, and about loss of somebody, who can`t be replaced. Allthough life`s a moving development and we must go on. „Three Seasons“ tries to explain the feeling, when you let go, but you`re carrying a treasure of memories, and sometimes, there`s nothing you can do against „the missing“. That`s why it is called „Three Seasons“, because there is one missing (in the song it is spring, which is missing) so that`s an approach on love. It is for all people who have lost someone in any kind of way. But it should give hope, that we have a strength inside which no one can take away from us, it is the strength of images and memories. Keep those memories inside, and the one you`re missing will always be travelling with you.