Marco Kamber

Sprachmemos / 2014

I Was Sitting In A Plane Next To Brian Eno

It is quite tricky for one who’s afraid of being in locked up rooms to stay calm in an airplane. So you need to know the right tricks. Or maybe the right medicine. I got mine in my pocket but I never took it. It’s just a good feeling to have something if your mind is starting to twist. The real trick is to get yourself into a mood of being stressed about the fact that you have to take another plane. Like one who has to take planes every day. One who knows about the crazy airbus situation is a man called Brian Eno. He made a whole record for this, it’s called Music For Airports. I always have it on my iPod for those moments. Eno had the idea of making a record which should be played at airports all around the world to realx the crazy traveling people. The record was played only one week in Frankfurt as far as i know. Nevermind, you can listen it on your own with your earphones. It was at Gatwick airport, a flight to Zurich. Outside it was quite stormy, sun already went down. Of course i was listening to this record, already sitting in the plane, dealing with a not very easy inner feeling. I starred at my iPod, at the cover of this Airport Music – and so did the guy next to me. He was laughing which made me confused. Then I looked at the guy and i was even more crazy than before. It was Brian Eno himself. It is no fiction, it really happened, even no one believes me. Since then it’s easy to enter the plane, because you can be quite busy when you check out the seats, who’s sitting here, who’s sitting there.


At the studio

The sun was high and the river was low. I was in the huge summer studio with Thomas, besides laughing at paintings he was cooking pasta with gorgonzola and i was looping this sound piece with guitar and organ and after that i was typing around on my cell phone. It was about 34° celsius this afternoon. We didn’t talk much and we had our swim trunks on. Later Thomas had a Skype date with his love in Japan. For this he prepared a nice seating situation on the floor. The very strong coffee was brewed just in the moment his Skype rang. Later we went for a quick jump in the river and even later I washed my hair and then we said ‘see you tomorrow’. Outside it slowly got darker and cooler and inside i got a bit nervous because I knew that I easily could fall in love that evening, which really happenend as far as I can remember.


Soundtrack 1

It was dark outside, a thunder storm. I was waiting for Mauro who said he’ll be there at half past ten. It was even later then. The regular studio light was too bright and reminded me of my dentist. So i looked for some light bulbs i could drive into the lamp cable which one used for some piece. I found one and right next to it there was pink nail paint of some art student girl. I coloured the bulb and let it dry. It was completely dark inside the room. It took a while to dry the bulb, meanwhile i looped this piece. Mauro came and turned the normal studio lights on, which was not a very warm way to say hello. Meanwhile the bulb was dry and looked nicely pink. I turned it into the lamp cable. The mood got quite cheesy. Mauro sat on the drums and played the thing he always plays, some jazz standard, and he screamed 7/8, oh i love 7/8! We messed aroud a bit until his columbian friend came. I was heavy in thinking and so we carried our heavy heads to some heavy metal bar just at the corner. They served pastis with ice and water which was a good thing. Thunderstorm was over and the still warm asphalt steamed the rain back to the atmosphere. We missed the last bus which set us into a feeling of freedom, without time, whithout schedule. A late night plane took its line over this small town and made us talking about things that are far from here and now.