ESTMAN RADIO DRAMA / 2011 / Radio drama in 4 chapters / English

ESTMAN RADIO DRAMA / 2011 / Radio drama in 4 chapters / English

Invited to take part in Illuminations, the 54th research on the nearby Porto Marghera, the historic headquarters of the Italian petrochemical industry. By involving edition of the Venice Biennale in 2011, Senatore decided to focus her some of the inhabitants, including laborers and retired workers as well as students from Venice’s universities, the artist promoted numerous encounters, debates, and analysis sessions concerning themes related to the area. The themes dealt with by the work are inspired by documents found at the Laborers’ Archive “Augusto Finzi” in Marghera, which gathers documents, including magazines, flyers, factory newspapers, posters, typewritten pages, and copies of trials tied to the events and labor protests which took place in the area’s factories beginning in 1950. The radio drama, the Italian version of which includes a direct contribution of many former laborers and the overlapping of individual memories – also with letters of the Finzi and recollections of Gianni Sbrogiò – portrays the very harsh work conditions and the long course of laborers to improve and claim for themselves appropriate cultural tools. Alongside fragments that describe constant contact with highly toxic materials, is the story of how many workers, embarking upon personal courses of study and cultural growth, end up sympathizing and developing autonomous forms of organization, making the petrochemical plant of Porto Marghera a strong political and social laboratory.

The participation of Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama students in Glasgow made an English version possible, in which all the characters are played by young actors.


Chapter 1


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Chapter 2


Chapter 4