Random Order Collective

Flowing through the San / 2013
As one of the primary infrastructures in Northern California, the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge, is seen as a pathway for the coming and going of information and data. We navigate digital spaces daily and it affects how we relate to physical spaces, which in turn invites questions on definition of reality itself. In Flowing Through the San, we decided to test these questions through sound.
Field recording capturing soft and continuous hum of the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge is the starting point for our composition. The field recording is subsequently thrown into imperceptible mass of cyberspace and played back numerous times for the digital to reveal itself in a time-lapse conversation. This transatlantic Skype call and response choir builds up layers of a core audible substance. The San’s actual hum resonates with its own cables in the ethereal channel of cyber-reality.