Vittorio Santoro

You hear a woman talk. She seems to move slowly back and forth in a room.
You hear steps, then an elevator in the background. The monologue unfolds with pauses and silent intervals, as if she would only utter parts, while others
remain locked inside her mind.The monologue is roughly eight minutes long. The utterances circle around an absent center – or many absent centers of ideas like transcendence, power,violence, and perception … Are those ideas ominous mirrors? The monologue begins with the following line: “Oh, how long was that apparently momentary separation” and… “You shouldn’t be here…” and then eventually continues: “[…] I wonder how much time I have spent waiting for the lights to change… It was like buying tickets for a flute concerto and finding yourself at a shooting range… Is this a graphic mirror of the world? You go in so far – you come out the other side. […] Is all of our behavior predatory? … In this sense the hunter and animal mirror each other, trapped in a pattern of behavior, repeating the same gestures, without being able to learn from them.” Then the irruption of three concurrent voices from the off, and a woman, a man and a boy say: “She serves ice cubes – each of which imprisons a bundle of silver needles in its heart.” All along, the woman’s voice seems to “slide” from one utterance into the other. Is it one voices or many traversing her mind? Does the listener hear the echo of the absent centers in his/her mind? You heard the monologue once and now listen …