What’s Cooking? A re-arrangement | EIne Um-ordnung featured twelve artistic positions from the fine arts, art theory, and curating as well as transdisciplinary interventions that bear interactive, relational, and participative characteristics and engage in active documentary strategies. the approximate 50-hour nonstop-gathering called for simultaneous production, documentation, and presentation in order to broaden dimensions that allow us to reflect actively on presence, simultaneity and our individual involvement. The approx. 43 mins dialogue was recorded on monday, october 13, in the estman studio at Museum Bärengasse, immediately after all guests have left the house. understood as a semi final caesura – before reflecting on any significance nor for the presence nor for the future – the curators undertook a dialogical ride through the house by collecting snipets of every contribution of WHAT’S COOKING?:

Kathrin Böhm* (DE/UK) >>Haystack Zürich<<: How does non-representation appear?; discussions

Ludovica Carbotta (IT) >>A motorway is a very strong wind<<: sculptural intervention

Corner College (CH) >>What’s Cooling?<<: Ice cream experiments

Brett Davidson (US/CH) >>OUC Office of Universal Consultation<<: Consultations

Fucking Good Art (NL) >>Play<<: Do we just play? Publication and intervention

Monica Germann & Daniel Lorenzi (CH): installatives Mapping / Installative mapping

Milenko Lazić (BiH/CH) >>Zürichsyndrom<<: Live-documentary-sound and word-performances

Jso Maeder (CH) >>Salon des Revenants<<: The imaginary library

Doris Prlić/Marlies Stöger/André Tschinder (AT) >>Finding a New Order<<: performative Flipchart-(Workshops)

Marinella Senatore* (IT) >>Estman Radio<<: DIY-Radiostudio auf Sendung / DIY broadcasting on the air (edt.*); podcast: www.estmanradio.com


Finding a new order




The Do-Knots, Collective Failure


Erneste Helvetius, Guggisberg Lied