‘Your Current Balance Is’ Collective

What do experts say children are? / 2010 
A presence that is gone / the mark on the wall / The scar on the face / The trace of a shadow / no blood in the head /The memory comes before the event / The event never arrives / an aborted dream / a water melon / a trace of live and a rest of reality / if reality is what should be as it is trustful and emotionally palpable / in contrast to what is false, intricate, material but inherent.
The experimentation is for us a necessary format for exploration, required to stay in a constant and examining interaction with reality. By experimenting we can shake off numerous norms that dictate our existence, allowing us then to produce reality.
‘What do expert says Children are?’ is a recorded vocal performance extract from the in constant progress ‘Deluded’ project devised by ‘Your Current Balance Is’ collective (Fleur Despointes, Alvaro Đ Celis Gawinski, Charly Blackburn, Jessica Doyle) in 2010.