Terms and conditions

By adding sounds and tracks to Estman Radio you affirm that your submitted sound or track is an original work created by you, free from any third party rights, in particular that under no circumstances does it constitute, whether entirely or in parts, any infringement upon the intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties, and where necessary that any persons recorded in your sounds have consented to the distribution of the sound with no remuneration of any kind being payable to them.

Contributions have to be submitted fill in the form “Send us your podcast”, that sends an email to our email address contact@estmanradio.com. We will then upload this information to the website.

Estman Radio respects the intellectual property rights of others By sending images, sounds and texts to Estman Radio you are deemed to have accepted these conditions. PLEASE NOTE: Your contact details will only be used to notifications and information about further events and activities from Estman Radio. They will not be passed onto any third parties.